Frequently Asked Questions – Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodels are one of the most common remodeling projects among homeowners. These projects commonly improve the functionality, look, and feel of a kitchen while substantially enhancing a home’s value. 

Kitchen renovations have some of the highest ROIs. As a national average, homeowners can recoup up to 74.2 percent on a well-implemented kitchen remodel. 

According to a National Association of Realtors report in 2017, a complete kitchen renovation is ranked as the highest-appealing project to buyers and carries the highest value for home’s resale. 

Before signing a contract with anyone, it is crucial that you learn about the frequently asked questions that you should ask before getting started. These questions will help prepare you for the remodeling process, renovation-related expenses, and make sure you have chosen the right contractor. We’ve answered the questions below…

Communicating is the Key to a Successful Kitchen Remodel 

When hiring kitchen remodeling companies, it is crucial that you communicate with your contractor throughout the entire renovation process. 

Keeping proper communication is key to a successful remodel. Communicating with your contractor will ensure that you both understand the work that is to be expected, the cost, any financial arrangements, and how disputes or mistakes will be handled should any arise. 

The Top 7 FAQs to Ask Kitchen Contractors About Remodeling 

Here are the frequently asked questions that you should have the answers to before embarking on your kitchen remodel.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

Any contractor that you choose to work with should be licensed and insured. If your contractor is not licensed or insured and causes any damages, you may be on the hook for the financial fallout. Worse yet, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover the type of damage your home incurred due to the cause of the damage.

Kitchen and Bath Decor & More is a licensed and fully insured contractor, so your work is assured to be top notch, and guaranteed.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have With Home Kitchen Remodeling? 

Remodeling contractors have a variety of specialties and skillsets. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most critical types of renovations that you can have completed within your home. Therefore, it is crucial that you find a contractor that specializes in kitchen remodeling. 

Kitchen contractors that have a significant amount of experience are more qualified to handle large kitchen remodeling projects. Always ask a contractor about their level of expertise when it comes to these types of renovations. 

At Kitchen and Bath Decor & More we have over 20 years experience designing and building kitchen, from small renovations to large fully custom designs from bare walls. Whatever size of your project, we’ve done it, hundreds of times. Our experience helps us streamline the process because we know what could go wrong and plan to avoid those pitfalls in advance.

3. What Kitchen Remodeling Costs Are Include and How Are Overages Handled? 

Remodeling a kitchen can take be a substantial investment. It is important to review costs with any potential contractor upfront. Ask about what services, materials, and labor amounts are included within an estimate. It would help if you determined how overages or unexpected changes might be handled by the contractor. Find out what expenses your estimate does not cover.

We offer a fully documented cost sheet with your pricing and what is and isn’t included clearly described. For any change orders we document the request, outline the additional cost, and have the homeowner sign it. Full transparency of pricing at all times is our policy.

4. Do You Offer Kitchen Remodeling Financing Options?  

Some kitchen remodelers offer financing options. If you need assistance with financing and you are unable to cover the full amount upfront, be honest with your contractor and ask about any options they may have. 

It is common for contractors to request a portion of the payment upfront to cover upfront expenses, including the cost of materials. It is uncommon for a contractor to require the full amount for the work upfront. However, it is essential that you go over payment schedules with your contractor before any work begins. 

At Kitchen and Bath Decor & More we offer 12 Months – Same As Cash financing with 0% interest. Because of our relationships with our suppliers we can provide the best pricing and financing options available to Houston homeowners. Call 832-620-1700 to apply today and start your journey to the kitchen or bath of your dreams.

5. How Long Will the Kitchen Remodel Take?

A kitchen renovation can easily disrupt your day-to-day life, especially if you will be unable to use your kitchen during the remodel. 

When reviewing potential contractors for your renovation project, ask how long a remodel will take. While delays can happen or additional work may need to be done, having an estimated date can help you to plan ahead. 

Although completely out of our control, as you can imagine, COVID and the quarantine have cause delays to work, in an effort to keep both our workers and our clients healthy and safe. While we cannot predict what the Governor will do or when additional restrictions will be put in place, we do our best to complete projects as fast as possible and to communicate delays to our clients quickly so they can plan accordingly.  

6. Do You Offer a Kitchen Remodeling Warranty?  

You can ask most contractors for a guarantee or warranty on their work. However, the details of a warranty can vary significantly. Some warranties will only cover the cost of materials or specific equipment while other guarantees may be more inclusive. 

If your contractor does offer warranties, ask more specific questions, including what the warranty covers, how you can file a claim, and how long the warranty lasts. 

We offer a lifetime warranty and provide a packet on how to file a claim and the procedures for repairs/replacements.

7. How Do You Handle Mistakes or Disagreements? 

One of the best questions you can ask kitchen contractors is how disagreements will be handled. 

Problems can arise during a remodel and mistakes can be made. Learning how a contractor handles mistakes and disagreements upfront can save you a lot of hassle (and money) later. When possible, get any information that you receive in writing.

Our promise to our clients is that you will be completely satisfied when we are done! We are always available to discuss your concerns and address changes that need to be made.

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